Welcome to the JSE virtual trading game. The competition has officially started. All the best.

Welcome to the JSE virtual trading game for individuals.
You are one step closer to learning about the world of investing on the JSE.


The JSE is a growth platform for companies looking to raise capital and also connects buyers and sellers in equity, derivative and debt markets. We offer a fully electronic, efficient, secure market with world class regulation, trading and clearing systems, settlement assurance and risk management. The JSE strives to be a leading integrated exchange on the African continent, because we are inspired by a prosperous African future. We have been operating for over 130 years, is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and is one of the top 20 exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalisation.


The JSE virtual trading game is a game that aims to teach South Africans of all ages about investing on the JSE and the larger role that such investment plays in the country's economy. The game helps those participating to learn about the fundamentals of investing and encourages them to research and strategise around trading of JSE listed instruments. Participants test their trading skills through a simulated trading programme where performance is tracked and measured.

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1AfriscotR1 083 307,00 8,33%
2TAM636R1 063 101,00 6,31%
3Atlehang88R1 056 124,00 5,61%
4TshidisoR1 048 714,00 4,87%
5RichardKR1 047 307,00 4,73%
6christopher1041R1 045 093,00 4,51%
7MaxMarrR1 044 805,00 4,48%